AA train itinerary


* You collect your tickets and settle your account any day before departure.
* Be at the ATHENS’railway station 30 minutes before the train departure.
* Your train comes to the railway station at 07:05. Find your carriage and seat.
* 07:20 – The train departs and following a scenic route you arrive in Kalampaka (last stop).
* 11:30 – Upon arrival in Kalampaka meet our English speaking driver outside the railway station.
* 11:45 – Drive to Meteora and visit 3 monasteries. See old hermitages in the caves.
* 16:45 – Return to Kalampaka. Stop at a local restaurant for a light meal (not included in the price).
* 17:15 – The train departs from Kalampaka and arrives in Athens at +/- 21.30

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