BYU – Ancient to modern world.

Join this Study Abroad group, led by Prof. Cecilia Peek, and visit London, Paris, Berlin, Greece, and Italy. While significant time will be spent at museums and sites, students will be given ample time for independent sightseeing (including beautiful sandy beaches). There will be the constant opportunity to encounter the world’s finest works of painting, sculpture, and architecture firsthand. Images cannot replicate the sensation of seeing these places and objects in person.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only the front page.” — Augustine of Hippo

This quote by Saint Augustine gets at the very heart of “study abroad”. You can listen to what people have said and read what people have written about famous cultural artifacts, but once you have seen them for yourself, you will be changed forever. Our program will be unique in your education, focusing on experiential learning in the arts, literature, and history of civilization as they are represented and preserved in some of the great museums and sites of Europe. The courses offered will satisfy key University and (for some of you) major program requirements. We will visit and learn about some of the most iconic sites and artifacts of western and near eastern civilizations, ranging from the ancient to the modern world: from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, from Christian catacombs to Cubism.