BYU – Airport transfer to Arethusa

Airport Bus X95

In the arrivals lounge there are foreign exchange places to change $ to euro.
The building has 5 exits.
Outside Exit 4 or Exit 5 on the pavement there is a kiosk that sells the bus tickets.
You must have Euro and you pay 6.00 euro per person
Your bus is the X95 from the airport to Syntagma square (end of the line).
Departures are every 20 minutes.
On board the bus you must cancel / validate the ticket on the scanner.
The bus ride takes almost 1 hour and arrives at Syntagma square (heart of Athens).
That part of the street is called Othonos street and the Parliament is at the top.
With the Parliament on your back walk down and get on Metropoleos street.
You see Hotel ARETHUSA on your right hand side. The address is Metropoleos 6.

The metro
The metro building is opposite the arrivals hall, Exit 3.
The metro departs every 30 minutes and the ride to Syntagma takes 40-45 minutes
You buy your ticket. If you buy 1 the price is 10.00 euro. If you buy for 2 or more passengers the price drops to 8.00 euro
The metro is more risky because you leave your luggage on the racks and you must watch it all along. There is the risk that somebody picks your luggage and in one of the metro stops he jumps out. The bus is safer.

You arrive at Syntagma square and with the Parliament on your back you walk down on the left hand side street. This is Metropoleos street and Hotel ARETHUSA is at No. 6