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Meteora monasteries

Following the State’s COVID 19 measures the monasteries do not provide wrappings anymore.
Appropriate clothing is required for everybody that visits the monasteries.

Organized on... + prices

NOVEMBER-MARCH The tour is organized only on Mondays.
APRIL-OCTOBER: The tour is organized on Mon, Tue, Sat & selected Thursdays.

Highlights: Corinth canal-Epidaurus-Mycenae-Olympia(o/n)-Delphi(o/n)-Thermopylae-Kalambaka(o/n) and a short photo stop in Nafplion.

Free pick-up/drop-off service is included (See the link in the footer of this website).
The pick-up starts at 07:30 am brings the people to the terminal and departs at 08:30.
The tour returns on Thursday evening +/- 19:30

PRICES: The guided tours are organized by 3 big tour operators and are offered by travel agencies at different prices. People tell us that our prices are the best. Organizing tours throughout Greece since 1958 we have secured the best deals in all aspects of travel. Our prices are not matched.

Three choices Price in double room Price in single room
Option 1: 3* hotel with breakfast 320.00 + entry fees 385.00 + entry fees
Option 2: 3* hotel with half-board 375.00 + entry fees 440.00 + entry fees
Option 3: 4* hotel, 3 dinners + 3 breakfasts 435.00 + entry fees 530.00 + entry fees
and arrival transfer offer

* ENTRANCE FEES to be added: NOV-MARCH + 24 euro | APR-OCT + 48 euro
* Child (4 – 12 y.o.) pays 75% of the tour price (Entrance fees depends on Nationality.)
* E.U. Nationalities up to 26 y.o. enter free of charge. Other Nationalities pay full entrance fees.
* Infants up to 4 y.o. travel free of charge when they share the parents’ double bed


* If our offers sound interesting read the “4 steps to book” in the footer.
* Submit the booking request and start the communication. We shall get back asap.

The tour services include:
– Modern air-conditioned buses, with ample storage space for your luggage
– 3-night hotel accommodation with 3 breakfasts
– 3 dinners (if you choose 4* hotels)
– Pick up/drop off from or near your hotel (See the list of hotels at the footer),
– The services of the tour guide along the tour.
– Complimentary arrival airport transfer wherever it is mentioned.
– The applicable entrances to sites and museums visited.
– All taxes except the “city tax” (1.50 – 3.00 € per room, per night). This small tax is paid by the client to the hotel.

Special discounts: (One option of 5% discount is applicable).
* Persuade a friend, share a triple room with your friend, and save 5%
* Persuade your friends, make a team of 5 or more adults and save 5%
* Take advantage of our PAY IN ADVANCE 5% discount (see in the footer)
* Combine it with the 1-day cruise and pay a discounted price for the package.

Trip advisor review us WRITE A REVIEW ON OUR SERVICES. Your feedback helps us offer a better service.

Copied from a client’s Blogspot:
The tour which I joined was organized by G.O. TOURS. However, I did not book through their website. I booked it through ASTORIA TRAVEL
After browsing through the web, I found that ASTORIA TRAVEL offers the cheapest tour packages in Athens. Initially, I was quite skeptical. How can this tour agent offer such a low price (20% cheaper) compared to the travel company’s price? Is this a scam? Well, believe it! It was not a scam. I even booked my first two nights in Athens at Hotel Arethusa (next to Syntagma Square) at a very cheap price through ASTORIA TRAVEL. Read more in the testimonials section….


Visiting Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi, and Kalambaka

This tour includes nearly all of the most important archaeological sites, ­and museums in mainland Greece. It gives a complete picture of ancient Greek civilization beginning with the Mycenaean, the Greek Bronze Age, the Archaic, Classical, the Hellenistic, and Roman Greece. It also provides a glimpse of Byzantine art and architecture.

It is a full itinerary, but the pace is manageable. Plenty of time is available on the sites and in the museums, allowing time both for adequate exposition by the tour guide and time for further exploration on your own.

The Amazing open THEATRE OF EPIDAURUS The priests of the sanctuary of God Asclepius were excellent doctors. The administration of the Asklepion, in order to entertain the patients, decided to build a theatre. The small museum displays the instruments and tools used by the priests, excellent surgeons, to perform even brain operations.

NAFPLION – “The town of the Venetians” in Greece. (Short photo stop). Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplion, which is a feast for the eye with the Venetian influence everywhere. Nafplion was the capital of the new Greek state in the early 1830s. Here, is the first palace of the Bavarian Prince, Otto, the first king after the revolution against the Turks. The old town is beautiful, with mansions and paved roads. The two fortresses, the Palamidi and the Akronafplia played a key role during the war of independence.

MYCENAE – “the city in gold”, the kingdom of Agamemnon controlled the land and sea routes. Myths related to history have inspired poets and writers over the centuries from Homer and the Greek tragedies of the classical period.
The site was uncovered in 1874 by Heinrich Schlieman, who also excavated the site of Troy.
You enter the citadel through the impressive Lions’ Gate.

OLYMPIA & the OLYMPIC GAMES The site of Olympia, was the location of the ancient Olympic Games, with the first recorded win in 776 BC. In addition to the numerous temples and sanctuaries, there are remains of sporting structures, such as the ancient Stadium, the Gymnasium, the Palestra, and others.

DELPHI – The famous “temple bank”. The Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, location on the oracle of Apollo, was the spiritual centre of the Greek world. Situated in a spectacular natural setting on the mountain of Parnassus, it was the symbol of Greek cultural unity from the 8th century BC onwards.

Driving from Delphi to Kalambaka you take a short stop at Thermopylae, the place where Leonidas and the 300 Spartans fought the Persians. Overnight in Kalambaka.

KALAMBAKA – The unique “ART OF NATURE”. Travel on the rocks of Meteora and visit 2 monasteries that are open on the day that you visit Meteora. Return to Kalambaka for lunch and after lunch start the return and arrive in Athens at +/- 19:30


08:30 The pick-up starts at 07.30 am and the bus departs from the terminal at 08:30.
10:00 Arrival at Corinth canal. 20 min. shortstop for photos
11:15 Arrival at the sanctuary of Epidaurus. Visit the museum & the theatre
12:30 Proceed to restaurant for lunch. Lunch is optional. It’s not included in the price.
13:45 Drive on to Nafplion. Short photo stop.
15:15 Arrival at legendary Mycenae. Visit ancient site & museum
18:30 Arrival at modern Olympia town. Check-in the hotel of your choice
09:15 Visit the museum & the site of ancient Olympia. Departure and drive towards Patras
13:00 Stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Lunch is optional.
14:30 Drive to Delphi. Cross the Rio – Antirio bridge to the mainland
18:15 Arrival and check into the hotel of your choice in Delphi.
09:00 After breakfast visit the museum and the site. Optional lunch at a local restaurant.
15:15 Depart for Kalambaka. Shortstop at Thermopylae. Arrival in Kalambaka at 19.00
08:30 Drive to Meteora and visit 2 monasteries. Return to Kalambaka at 12:30. Optional lunch
14:00 Departure for Athens with a short stop near Lamia. Arrival in Athens centre at 19.30


Short photo stop at Corinth canal
Visit the sanctuary of Asclepius and the Epidaurus Theatre
Visit the Mycenae Archaeological site & Tomb of Atreus
Visit the Olympia Archaeological site & Museum
Visit the Delphi Archaeological site & Museum
Visit 2 of the Meteora monasteries that are open on the day you visit Meteora
Shortstop at Nafplion town

More info & Map
– These tours are organized by 3 Tour Operators. All the Travel Agents sell the same tours at discounted rates.
– Start the communication, and choose the travel agent that suits your budget.

* In the footer of the website find the “4 steps 2 book” and we look forward to receive your request.
* When we receive the message from the bank that the money has been deposited, we’ll send you the voucher.
* There is a deadline and the bookings are canceled if they are not paid on time.



ESP4525, Bozeman, Montana, 62 Reviewed November 26, 2017
wonderful Athens’s experience
Just completed a 4-day 3-night tour of the major archaeological sites in Greece that we booked through Astoria travel. We could not have been happier with the service they provided. The personal service we received from Kostas was more than we could have hoped for. We will definitely use them again if we get the opportunity.
(Visit the excellent blog site, read the description and comments)

If you wish to see the major sights of mainland Ancient Greece including UNESCO listed ancient site of Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi, and Meteora monasteries, then I recommend you to join a 4 Day Classical Greece Tour.
The tour departs from Athens and returns to Athens. You visit 5 UNESCO World Heritage Site in 4 days. I have to warn you that 4 out of the 5 World Heritage Sites are in ruins. The tour which I joined was organized by G.O. TOURS. Information about the tour can be found at their website at

However, I did not book through their website. I booked it through ASTORIA TRAVEL that can be contacted at I e-mailed Kosta and since I booked the tour through him in 4-star hotels, I got a free arrival transfer offer to my hotel. Actually, Kosta himself came to the airport and took us to the hotel.

After browsing the web, I found that Astoria Travel offers the cheapest tour packages in Athens. Initially, I was quite skeptical. How can this tour agent offer such a low price (20% cheaper) compared to the travel company’s price? Is this a scam? Well, believe it! I even book my first two nights in Athens at Hotel Arethusa (very near Syntagma Square) at a very cheap price through Astoria Travel.

I took the First-Class package as the price difference was not much compared to the Tourist Class package and the complimentary airport transfer sounded attractive. During the tour, some of my fellow travelers took the Tourist Class package. Frankly, I don’t think there was much of a difference compared to the First-Class hotels. In fact, the Tourist Class hotels were located nearer to the town center while the First-Class hotels were located at quieter locations outside the towns providing small luxuries (swimming pools, good dinners, breakfasts, etc.)

The tour includes visits to two of the six monasteries of Meteora.

As the tour group was small, we got to know each other pretty quickly.
Emo, San Juan, Puerto…, 41 posts, 35 reviews, Re: Astoria Travel Meteora trip Reviews

At the end of April, we joined the G.O. Tour for the Classic 4 days tour in Greece. Due to unexpected medical reasons, we decided not to commit until we had gotten an okay from our doctor.
Finally, we confirmed the tour one day before we flew to Athens. We booked with Kosta. He was nice and very prompt. And he has one of the best rates on the internet.

On the morning of the tour day, Kosta even came to the main bus pick-up point to make sure we made it. We had a good time on the tour and made friends with several families and couples from different countries. We compared the prices we had paid and our price was the best.
Remember to print the voucher at home or hotel. The tour operators keep the printed copy. Thank you, Kosta!!! : )

contact us

Astoria Travel (est. 1958)
48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
Tel. +30 210 3250380, +30 6932888585.
Send a message to:

In the footer of this website you find the “4 steps to make a booking”. If our offer looks interesting, please send us the booking form.

CLICK here and see ALL THE GUIDED TOURS that start from Athens. Detailed information on each tour is included.


If your visit to Greece is too short, this is your chance to visit Meteora.

Upon arrival, you realize why the first hermits chose this location to create their monastic community and seek communication with God. See the 4 monasteries and the 2 nunneries, and visit two of them. Learn about the everyday life of the monks, admire their architecture and gaze at the priceless relics and treasures of the monasteries, cultural heritage to all Christian religions.

Finish your sightseeing return to Kalambaka, have a light lunch, board the train and return to Athens at 21:30


* You collect your tickets from us and settle the account anyday before departure.
* Be at the LARISA railway station in Athens at least 30 minutes before the train departure.
* Your train comes at 07:10 am. Find your carriage and seat.
* 07:20 – The train departs and following a scenic route it travels straight from Athens to Kalampaka(last stop).
* 11:30 – Arrive in Kalampaka and meet our English-speaking driver outside the railway station.
* 11:45 – Drive to Meteora. Visit up to 3 monasteries. See old hermitages and cloisters in the caves.
* 16:45 – Return to Kalampaka. Stop at a local restaurant for a light meal (not included in the price).
* 17:00 – The train departs from Kalampaka and arrives in Athens (LARISA station) at +/- 22.45.

To make a booking you deposit 40.00 euro per person and you settle the balance when we meet in Athens.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 15.00 € p.p. is not refundable. In case of a strike, the full amount is refunded.

Price & Inclussions

The price for the 3.30 hours private tour of Meteora includes your return B class train ticket and the taxi hire from the moment that you arrive until the moment that you tell the driver that you have seen enough and want to get back to Kalambaka and have something to eat.

– 1 passenger: Train ticket (B class), 86.00 € p.p.
– 1 passenger: Train ticket (A class), 98.00 € p.p.
– 2 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 82.00 € p.p.
– 2 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 94.00 € p.p.
– 3 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 76.00 € p.p.
– 3 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 88.00 € p.p.
– 4 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 69.00 € p.p.
– 4 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 81.00 € p.p.

Following the Covid-19 measures the train runs in 50% capacity
resulting to a surcharge of 15 € p.p. that must be added to all prices.

To secure your booking, please, click and see the terms, find the pay online link in the footer, and, deposit 40.00 € p.p.


* Return train ticket. Pay 12.00 euro, and upgrade the train ticket to A class (recommended).
* Upon arrival, you meet our bus driver and for 3 hours, you visit up to 3 monasteries.
* Visit hidden beauties & explore the area with a local, English-speaking leader.

NOT INCLUDED in the price:
* No professional tour guide service is included. It’s you and the taxi driver.
* 3.00 euro per person, is the entrance ticket to each monastery, and
* Your lunch and drinks on the train and while you are in Kalampaka.

Our 3 day tour includes

SEE our tour to Meteora and Delphi combining train, taxi and bus.

  • Daily departures, travelling on your own or in a small group.
  • Travelling by train in a scenic and smooth ride.
  • Visit well hidden spots that other travellers never experience.
  • Learn the culture and history of the place from the local leader.
    – Stay in the hotels KOSTA FAMISI and Hotel LEFAS,
    – B class Train tickets from Athens to Kalambaka and on to Levadia,
    – The Taxi transfer at 21:10 from Levadia train station to Delphi,
    – The Intercity Bus from Delphi to Athens. Arrival in Athens at 19:15

    Following the Covid-19 measures the train runs in 50% capacity
    resulting to a surcharge of 25 € p.p. that must be added to all prices.

    EXCLUDED: Lunches and dinners, entrance fees to the monasteries and the archaeological site.

    All options to visit Meteora


    Hani K, Ottawa, Canada, 33 reviews
    Re: Astoria Travel
    I had a fantastic experience with Astoria Travel and Kosta. He is very efficient, he know his stuff and he is one of the best in his job. He helped me plan a trip to Kalambala and Delphi by train, private taxi and Intercity bus. He arranged everything and all went very smoothly like a clock work.
    He takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a well organized trip.
    His prices are very reasonable and extremely competitive compare to other tours. I definitely recommend him

    I was in Greece last week of March and first week of April 2018

    Contact us

    Astoria Travel,
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or independent train trips.

    Following the State’s COVID 19 measures the monasteries do not provide wrappings anymore.
    Appropriate clothing is required for everybody that visits the monasteries.
    For men: Sleeveless clothing and shorts over the knees are not allowed, and
    For ladies: Skirts bellow the knees are required.

    Furthermore following the Covid-19 measures the train runs in 50% capacity
    resulting in a surcharge of 25 € p.p. that must be added to all prices.

    The 3 Day Tour from Athens to Meteora and Delphi gives you the chance to visit Meteora, and Delphi, independently and on your own pace!
    For more details on this tour, check the above section and read about the tour itinerary, see photos and videos or read the FAQ! If you wish to modify this tour according to your own needs, like adding an extra overnight, feel free to contact us!
    Why book with us? The tour departs daily, 365 days a year and you may travel on your own or in a small group. Traveling by train is incredibly scenic. Let us do the organizing for you. You will go to spots that other travelers will never experience. You will learn about the history of the place from a local’s perspective.
    The 3 days/2 nights trip includes:
    Train tickets from Athens to Meteora
    3* hotel with breakfast in Kalambaka
    Train tickets from Meteora to Levadia
    Taxi transfer from Levadia to Delphi
    3* hotel with breakfast in Delphi
    Bus tickets from Delphi to Athens.
    Join the Meteora Sunset Tour
    Choose the second day’s tour
    Pick-up from Kalampaka train station to the hotel
    English speaking tour leader on the tours
    Map and Bottle of water on the tours
    Free wifi onboard the tour bus

    Entrance fees to the monasteries
    Entrance fees to the archeological site in Delphi
    Tour guide in Delphi

    Meteora by train

    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora guided or independent.

    Following the State’s COVID 19 measures the monasteries do not provide wrappings anymore.
    Appropriate clothing is required for everybody that visits the monasteries.

    Tour details

    Join this independent tour and visit Meteora and Delphi in 3 days at your own pace.
    Travel from Athens and back combining train, taxi, and public bus.
    We have built a reliable team of partners and offer a well-organized tour.
    Enjoy unique landscapes and visit monuments of great historical importance.
    At Meteora join the local tours organized by our local partner and learn the history of the unique area.
    Choose between:
    a) the Meteora Sunset Tour, and
    b) either the morning Half-Day Tour, or
    c) the midday tour to Meteora (12:00-17:00), or
    d) the morning Meteora Hiking Tour

    The train tickets are offered in B class. Upgrading to A class costs 15.00 € p.p. extra

    Departures daily, traveling on your own or in small teams.

    See the alternative tours:
    1-day Meteora by train. Train and local bus tour 94 €
    2 days Meteora package Tarin and hotel 95 €
    2 days Meteora “special” Train, hotel and 2 local tours 135 €
    2 days guided tour to Delphi and Meteora from 120 €
    3 days guided tour to Delphi and an extra day in Kalambaka for 148 €
    5 days guided classical tour of Greece staying an extra day in Kalambaka.


    Day 1. Travel from Athens to Kalambaka. In the afternoon, visit Meteora.

    * Collect your tickets and settle the account, at least a day before departure
    * Be at Athens’ LARISA Railway station at 06:50.
    * 07.20 – Depart from Athens and travel straight to Kalambaka.
    * 11.30 – Arrive in Kalambaka and check-in at the Hotel KOSTA FAMISSI.
    * 15.30 – Optional Sunset tour and overnight in Kalambaka

    Day 2. Explore Meteora in the morning, return to Kalambaka and at 16:15 take the train and travel to Delphi.

    * Go for an early walk and experience the flora and the fauna of the area.
    * 08.00 – Have a good breakfast at Hotel Kosta Famissi.
    * 09.00 – Optional 4 hrs. tour. Visit at least 2 monasteries
    * 13.00 – After the tour, explore the old town, see the Byzantine church of the Dormition of Mother Mary, have a light lunch, and return to the hotel to take your luggage and walk to the train station.
    * 17.00 – Board the train and travel to Levadia.
    * 20.00 – Get off at Levadia, meet our driver, and drive to Delphi.
    * 21.00 – Arrive in Delphi and check-in at the Hotel LEFAS.

    Day 3. In the morning, explore Delphi and return to Athens.

    * 08.00 – After breakfast walk to the bus ticket office and validate your bus ticket.
    * 08.30 – Visit the nearby archaeological museum.
    * 11.00 – Explore the sanctuary and the temple of Athena Pronaia.
    * 13.30 – Return to the town of modern Delphi and have lunch.
    * 16.00 – Board the bus and depart for Athens. Arrive in Athens at 19.15. (Liossion street terminal).

    To secure a booking, please read the terms and conditions and deposit
    50 € p.p. for a B-class ticket, or, 60 € p.p. for an A-class ticket.


    Our price is:
    € 138 + 25 covid surcharge = 163 € p.p. in a double room with breakfast.
    € 131 + 25 covid surcharge = 156 € p.p. in a triple room with breakfast
    (Following the Covid-19 measures the train runs at 50% capacity
    resulting in a surcharge of 25 € p.p. that must be added to all prices.
    – This package is not organized for single travelers.

    * Train ticket from Athens to Kalambaka
    * Train ticket from Kalambaka to Levadia Railway station
    * 1-night stay in Hotel Kosta FAMISI with breakfast in Kalambaka
    * Transfer by taxi from Levadia railway station to Delphi
    * 1-night stay in Hotel LEFAS with breakfast in Delphi
    * Intercity Bus ticket from Delphi to Athens

    # Optional Meteora Sunset Tour. English speaking tour leader included.
    # Optional second day’s tour. English speaking tour leader included.
    # Pick up /drop off in Athens. You catch the train at Athens’ LARISIS Railway station.
    # The € 3.00 p.p. to each monastery, and the entrance fee to the museum and site of Delphi.
    # All meals and drinks, except the 2 breakfasts.
    # The hotel overnight tax = 1.50 € per room, per night.
    # Services of a professional tour guide.

    The tours in Kalambaka are optional.
    # Extra night in the double bedroom: € 24.00 p.p., per hotel.
    # Upgrade your train ticket to A-class,
    # 4 hours morning tour of Meteora
    # 3.30 hours Sunset tour of Meteora
    # 4 hours morning hiking tour

    CLICK and see all the options to visit Meteora, guided tours and independent trips.


    Client’s comments about the tour and our services
    Yan_RN, Houston, Texas, Dec 15,
    I booked 2 trips, One-day Mycenae-Nafplion-Epidaurus and the 3 DAYS/2 NIGHTS – METEORA & DELPHI TRIP (no guide), from Astoria travel and was very satisfied with their service. Kosta, a very reliable gentleman, tried his best to arrange every detail for our trips. He accompanied us until we were seated on the train at departure. He booked the same seat number for our departure and return train for us to be convenient to remember. It is important that I don’t think I paid more for this 5-star service. I paid less for the one-day tour and for the train ticket compared with what others paid. I highly recommend Astoria travel for Greece travel.

    contact us

    Astoria Travel (Est. 1958)
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    In the footer of this website, you find the “4 steps to make a booking”. If our offer sounds interesting send us the booking form.

    CLICK here and see ALL THE GUIDED TOURS that start from Athens with detailed information.


    * TOURS from Athens
    * TOURS by place
    * Tours in Attica (Sounion, Marathon, Vravrona)
    * Morning tours (Ancient Corinth)
    * Afternoon tours (City tour visiting Acropolis, Sounion)
    * Full day tour (Athens city tour -lunch – Sounion, Full day in Aegina)
    * One day tours (1 day Delphi, 1 day Argolis, 1 day Olympia, 1 day Meteora, 1 day Mycenae & Poros)
    * One day to an island ( 1 day cruise to Hydra, Poros & Aegina, One day to a nearby island Visit the Aegina island, 1 day Mycenae & Poros island)
    * Two day tours (2 days Delphi & Meteora, 2 day Delphi, 2 day Argolis, 2 day Argolis & Olympia)
    * Three day tours (3 day classical tour, 3 day Explore Meteora, 3 day Delphi & Meteora
    * Four day tours (4 day classical & Meteora, 4 day Monday special)
    * Five day tours (5 day Monday special, 5 day tour to Northern Greece, 5 day classical & explore Meteora.)
    * Seven day tours (7 day Grand tour of Greece)