Introduction to Delphi

The sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi

The sheer magnificence and grandeur of the location strikes you. God Apollo, had chosen the best place in the area to build his sanctuary.
Below the site, a valley with thousands of olive trees, surrounded by mountains, provides breathtaking views from any location within the site.
The temple of Apollo, the most important building dominates the sanctuary from its central position. This is where the cult rituals, including that of divination, took place. The Temple housed the Oracle of Delphi, the world’s greatest source of income for a thousand years. Ancient writers mention that on the walls of the Athenean treasury, aphorisms of the seven sages, such as ‘know thyself’, ‘Nothing in Excess’ and the letter E, were inscribed.These sayings were read and pondered upon by all of the great kings, warriors and noblemen who came here for advice, giving the impression that the true wisdom of the Oracle lies not within the words of the priestess, but within the walls and everything that was founded in the sanctuary.