1-day cruise to Aegina & Moni for 62 €

Let a local tour expert organize a day cruise and enjoy your swim in the clear sea waters of the Saronic gulf islands near Athens.

Visit two islands for 62 €

Athens (Marina Zea)-Moni Island-Aegina. Duration: 7 hours

PRICE: Adults 52 € | Children 32 €
Transfers to/from the marina = 10 € per person
Total for cruise and transfer to/from the port of Zeas = 62 €

Lunch on board is optional and costs 14 € per person

Pick up from Athens centre at +/- 09:30
The boat sails from Marina Zeas at 10:30
The island of Moni is the 1st stop. Spend 2 hours
The island of Aegina is the 2nd stop. Spend 1 hour
Depart from Aegina at 16:00 and arrive at Marina Zeas by 17:30
Drop off at your lodging by +/- 18:30

Join this Cruise and visit the two islands near Athens. Swim in clear waters and enjoy stunning landscapes.
Sailing to Moni you will enjoy clear sea waters. During this leg of the cruise, a Greek meal accompanied by a refreshing glass of wine is served.
Moni is a protected nature reserve. The inhabitants are deer, rabbits, peacocks and other species of wildlife. On arrival at the island, you are free to choose and either stay at the small sandy beach for a swim or walk 10 min. to a nature paradise. You disembark at an organized sandy beach and within 10 minutes you will reach the paradise location, ideal for children!
Two hours later the boat sails to Aegina Island, well-known for its history, for the white houses decorated with colourful flowers and for the two ancient temples a) the temple of Apollo and b) the temple of the Aphaea. After one hour you return on board and head back to Athens.

What to expect:
a) Moni Island (12.30 hrs – 14.30 hrs)
A small island opposite Aegina is recommended to nature, sun & sea lovers. Enjoy the clean waters and the beautiful nature with its animals. From the end of May until the end of August, Moni beach bar and restaurant are open and they also rent out sunbeds and umbrellas.

b) Aegina Island (15.00-16.00 hrs)
The main attraction of Aegina is that it’s a real living and working island. It’s not a victim of mass tourism. Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who wants to experience life on a Greek island. Those who are well-travelled in Greece will note that Aegina is not as “manicured” as some popular for foreign tourists islands. It hosts mainly Greek weekend visitors, something that adds to the charm. Popular sites to visit are the well-preserved temple of Aphaea and the church of Agios Nektarios.

Depart from Aegina at 16.00 and arrive at Marina Zeas +/- 17.30 hrs.

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