One day Spetses

July – September every Sunday

We arrive in Costa and from there we take a small ferry and in 30 minutes we arrive in Spetses (ferry ticket costs: 7 € each way)
In Spetses you spend your free time walking, having lunch and swimming.
Here History meets nature and tradition. The amazing combination of pine and sea creates unique images of natural beauty.
Lacy beaches with blond sand, sparkling pebbles, and crystal clear waters offer moments of peace and carefreeness.
At the same time, it retains features that remain unchanged over time. The mansions of the captains of the last century with their peculiar architecture, the picturesque Byzantine churches, the historical museums, the streets with the pebbles of Spetses, the famous karnagia, and the picturesque horse-carriages, are traditional elements that manage to move the visitors. Return to our city in the evening after a stop in picturesque Nafplio.