(1) One day Argolis – private tour

Tour the sites and museums at your own pace and then spent some time walking around the beautiful town of Nafplion before returning to Athens. Such a private tour is advisable for people that do not like to be confined to a preset schedule or travel with a large group of people.

We start from your lodging in Athens, arrive after one hour at Corinth Canal and cross to the island of King Pelops. the peninsula of Peloponissos.
Arriving in the ancient city of Corinth, we explore an ancient city that several empires fought over throughout the centuries.
Continue to Mycenae, a mighty kingdom of ancient Greece, leader of the Greek city states during the Trojan war, according to Homer “a city of gold”. You will walk in through the  Lions’ Gate, see the Cyclopean walls, the remains of Agamemnon’s Royal Palace, the Beehive Tombs, and the Treasury of Atreus before arriving in the romantic Venetian town of Nafplion, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, Have lunch in a traditional taverna in the charming old town and after lunch we proceed to Epidaurus to visit the ancient theatre and view the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the God of Medicine, whose snake-entwined staff (caduces) remains the symbol of medicine to this day.
Return to Athens at +/- 19:00

Cost shared between the passengers:
Transportation of 1-4 passengers = 260.00 €. 5-8 passengers the extra cost is 10.00 € per person.
In this private tour a) entrance fees, lunch, and drinks are not included in the price, plus
b) a local professional tour guide, can be arranged to meet you in Mycenae at the extra cost.

CLICK and see the One day guided tour to Argolis and the promotional price of 59.00 euro per person

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