See at Olympia

1. The archaeological museum of ancient Olympia
Close to the archaeological site you find the archaeological museum of Ancient Olympia housing findings from excavations in the archaeological site. These findings are dated from prehistoric ages until the first Christian ages. The most important is the collection of sculptures and the collection of the bronze findings, one of the richest in the world. Between the exhibits you will see the pediments of the temple of Zeus, the only pottery made by Pheidias the great Greek sculptor that worked on the gold and Ivory statue of godess Athena in the Acropolis of Athens and the gold and Ivory statue of Zeus at Olympia, one of the 7 miracles of ancient world. In another room you see the statue of godess Nike of Paeonius, and the diamond of Olympia, the famous Hermes of Praxiteles.

3. Visit to the village
You can go for a walk in the village of Olympia or Katakolo. Here you can find a lot of souvenirs and jewelry shops to buy anything you want. You can also find cafes and restaurants to enjoy a drink or a meal, or you can just walk in the tourist road of the town which has visitors from all over the world.

4. Winery Olympic Land
Olympic land winery is just 2km from the town of Olympia and it is covered with vineyards. These vineyards produce high quality wine. The traveler has the opportunity to visit the winery which has been opperating since 2000. You can drink different wine varieties and taste local foods.

5. The honey farm of Klio
In the town of Olympia you can find the farm of Klio. When you arrive here Klio will welcome you. Klio is the apiarist and she will show you the secrets behind honey production. You will taste the fresh and pure products of her farm and you will eat traditional sweets made by Klio and her mother. Leaving the farm you will have taken a taste of the Greek hospitality in a friendly and familiar place!

6. Magna Grecia estate
In a land full of olive trees the visitor can enjoy the traditional taste of Greek traditional foods. You can taste the great olive oil , olives , wine , and of course traditional foods. Finally you can have fun with traditional Greek music and dance with local dancers.

7. Monastery of Virgin Mary (Panagia Kremastis)
It stands imposing and impresses visitors with its size as it is hanging from the rock. Its name according to the writings was given 800 years ago when the local residents were watching a light in a hole in the rock. To find out what it was, they hung someone with a rope and they found the icon of Virgin Mary suspended in the hole. Furthermore the abbey itself looks like it is hanging from the rock.

8. Skafidia beach
The beach is very close to Katakolo and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming. You can enjoy your drink or a tasteful meal in one of the coastal restaurants.

Our meeting point
If you choose a private tour from the port of Katakolo the meeting point will be outside the dock gate where the taxis are parked.