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Let a local tour expert organize a day cruise and enjoy your swim in the clear sea waters of the Saronic gulf islands near Athens.

Visit two islands for 62 €

Athens (Marina Zea)-Moni Island-Aegina. Duration: 7 hours

PRICE: Adults 52 € | Children 32 €
Transfers to/from the marina = 10 € per person
Total for cruise and transfer to/from the port of Zeas = 62 €

Lunch on board is optional and costs 14 € per person

Pick up from Athens centre at +/- 09:30
The boat sails from Marina Zeas at 10:30
The island of Moni is the 1st stop. Spend 2 hours
The island of Aegina is the 2nd stop. Spend 1 hour
Depart from Aegina at 16:00 and arrive at Marina Zeas by 17:30
Drop off at your lodging by +/- 18:30

Join this Cruise and visit the two islands near Athens. Swim in clear waters and enjoy stunning landscapes.
Sailing to Moni you will enjoy clear sea waters. During this leg of the cruise, a Greek meal accompanied by a refreshing glass of wine is served.
Moni is a protected nature reserve. The inhabitants are deer, rabbits, peacocks and other species of wildlife. On arrival at the island, you are free to choose and either stay at the small sandy beach for a swim or walk 10 min. to a nature paradise. You disembark at an organized sandy beach and within 10 minutes you will reach the paradise location, ideal for children!
Two hours later the boat sails to Aegina Island, well-known for its history, for the white houses decorated with colourful flowers and for the two ancient temples a) the temple of Apollo and b) the temple of the Aphaea. After one hour you return on board and head back to Athens.

What to expect:
a) Moni Island (12.30 hrs – 14.30 hrs)
A small island opposite Aegina is recommended to nature, sun & sea lovers. Enjoy the clean waters and the beautiful nature with its animals. From the end of May until the end of August, Moni beach bar and restaurant are open and they also rent out sunbeds and umbrellas.

b) Aegina Island (15.00-16.00 hrs)
The main attraction of Aegina is that it’s a real living and working island. It’s not a victim of mass tourism. Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who wants to experience life on a Greek island. Those who are well-travelled in Greece will note that Aegina is not as “manicured” as some popular for foreign tourists islands. It hosts mainly Greek weekend visitors, something that adds to the charm. Popular sites to visit are the well-preserved temple of Aphaea and the church of Agios Nektarios.

Depart from Aegina at 16.00 and arrive at Marina Zeas +/- 17.30 hrs.

Let a local tour expert organize a day cruise and you enjoy a swim in the clear sea waters of the Saronic gulf islands near Athens.

One day trip by normal ferry from Piraeus to Aegina = 18 € One day trip by flying-dolphin from Piraeus to Hydra = 57 €
One day cruise to Moni & Aegina (09:00-18:30) = 62 € One day cruise to Poros, Hydra & Aegina (07:00-20:30) = 104 €
Video on how to spend a day to Aegina Video on the 1 day cruise to Poros, Hydra & Aegina

3 islands for 104 €

This is your opportunity to explore 3 beautiful islands – Hydra, Poros, Aegina. DO NOT miss it!!!

PRICE: Adults 104 € | Children 85 € | Infants up to 4 y. o. are free.
Lunch is included in the price
Transfers from your hotel to the marina and back are optional and cost 12 € per person.

The brochure price for the cruise including lunch is 104.00 euro but to make it more attractive in the 104 € we include your arrival airport transfer f.o.c. (This offer is not valid for single travellers).

Join us, and enjoy a popular cruise, delicious food, live entertainment, Greek music, Greek songs &
Greek dancing in air-conditioned ships.

The optional tour to the temple of Aphaea costs 28 € per person and is sold on board from the ship’s excursion desk.
Aphaea was worshipped at this sanctuary but the myth can be traced back to the 14th c. BC. and according to Greek mythology, she was a beautiful young lady, another illegitimate child of Zeus. King Minos of Crete had fallen in love with her. Trying to escape from him she jumped into the sea but was caught in the net of fishermen. They took her on their boat. A fisherman, captivated by her beauty, fell in love and wanted to keep her for himself. Aphaea escaped, got out in Aegina, and asked for help from her half-sister, goddess Artemis. She vanished in the woods of the island. When the fishermen arrived on the spot, they found only a statue. “Aphaea” in Greek means ‘invisible.’
The temple of Aphaea is in very good condition. The location together with the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, form a “Sacred Triangle” between North, East, and South.

Let's talk about it!!

The boat sails from marina Flisvou.

06.50 am, the pick-up service starts from hotels in the centre of Athens.
07.45 am the orchestra welcomes you on board. The boat departs at 08.00
After departure, the hostesses will familiarize you with the islands that you will visit. The order in which you will visit the islands may change but this does not affect the time of stay on the islands. Each of the picturesque islands has its own charming and distinct atmosphere. There will be plenty of time for exploration, at your own pace.

POROS Island
is the smallest of the three islands. A green island, with a plentiful supply of freshwater, sandy beaches, and a famous lemon forest. Your time on Poros, almost 50 minutes, is just enough for a short walk to the highest point for a nice view from the clock tower. Sailing to Hydra, you may relax in the lounge or enjoy the sun on the ship’s decks.

HYDRA Island
is your next stop in an hour and 20 minutes, later. It is the island favoured by artists worldwide, has narrow, whitewashed streets, and exquisite mansions. The architecture of the island is striking. The stone mansions have a long history, while the stone-paved streets are waiting to be explored on foot or on the saddled donkeys that are waiting to be hired. Hydra island is world-famous.
You will have one hour and 45 min. to enjoy the charms of the island and upon your return on the boat, the tables will be ready for your lunch. After your meal, the orchestra, the singers, and the dancers will invite you to join them and dance to well known Greek songs.

is the last, but largest of the 3 islands. Aegina is known for its neoclassical buildings, its busy harbour, and its pistachio nuts. The harbour with the old mansions invites you to explore the island further: An optional Tour is organized to visit the Aphaia Temple.
The well-preserved temple in Greece is one of the 3 temples in the “Sacred Triangle” of the Greek antiquity. Your tour guide will tell you the story of the site and thereafter the tour proceeds to the Byzantine Church of St Nektarios. Tickets for the above recommended optional excursions can be purchased onboard the ship.

An alternative choice is to stay by the port of Aegina and enjoy a walk or horse-carriage ride around the town or relax in one of the harbour’s coffee shops.

Onboard again, a “Traditional Greek Folk Show” with dancers in traditional Greek costumes will entertain you until the ship docks, at 19:45 and back at your hotel 20.45

You get on board the ship at 07:50 and depart at 08:00. The order that you will visit the islands may change but the time of stay on the islands will be the same.


Time Tour Plan Services
8:00 The boat departs from the pier Hotel pick up starts from 06.50
10:10 Arrive in Poros Island 50 minutes, short stay
11:00 Depart for the island of Hydra Relax in the lounges or the sun decks
12:45 Arrival in Hydra Lunch, on board. 1st sitting
14:45 Departure from Hydra Lunch, on board. 2nd sitting
16:30 Arrival in Aegina Optional guided tour to Aphaea Temple
18:30 Return to the port and sail to Piraeus Live entertainment and floor show
19:45 Arrival at the pier Transfer to your hotel


Islands of Hydra, Poros, Aegina, Temple of Aphaea and the St. Nektarios Monastery, delicious food, live entertainment and Greek folk dancing show.

Departure daily from the marina of TROKANTERO at 08:00 am. Duration: 12 hours.
Return Time: 19.45, and transfer to the pick-up point in the centre of Athens.

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