3 day classical tour for 225.00 euro

Operating days & prices

April-October, the tour operates Monday-Tuesday-Saturday & selected Thursdays.
November-March, the tour operates ONLY on Mondays

Pick up / drop off service from or near your hotel starts at 07:30. Departs from the terminal at 08:30 and returns at 18:30


PRICES: All travel agents, in Greece and worldwide, offer the same tour at different prices. We are sure that our prices for this tour is not matched by any other company. After 60 years organizing tours throughout Greece we have secured the best deals in all aspect of travel. So, why pay more? Our discounted prices, per adult, for this tour are:

Three choices Double room Single room Details
Option 1: 3* hotel with breakfast 225.00 + entrance fees 285.00 + entrance fees Upgrade to OLYMPIC VILLAGE (4*) at Olympia=14.00 € p.p.
Option 2: 3* hotel – half board 265.00 + entrance fees 325.00 + entrance fees
Option 3: 4* hotel – half board 320.00 + entrance fees 395.00 + entrance fees Free arrival transfer offer

APPLICABLE entrance fees:
JANUARY – DECEMBER, Juniors under 19, plus E.U. students are allowed free of charge.
JANUARY – DECEMBER, Students from other countries, plus E.U. seniors over 65, pays 24.00 €
NOVEMBER – MARCH, everybody else, pays 24.00 € while, from APRIL – OCTOBER everybody else pays 48.00 € extra.

The tour services include:
– transportation on modern air-conditioned buses
– 1 night hotel accommodation at Olympia, plus 1 night hotel accommodation in Delphi
– 1 breakfast at Olympia and 1 in Delphi
– 2 dinners (if you choose to pay half board)
– Pick up/drop off from or near your hotel (See the list of hotels at the footer of the website), and
– The services of the professional tour guide.
_ All taxes except the “hotel overnight tax” (1.50 – 3.00 € per room, per night).

Special discounts: (One option of 5% discount is applicable).
* Persuade a friend, share a triple room with your friend and save 5%
* Persuade your friends, make a team of 5 or more adults and save 5%
* Take advantage of our PAY IN ADVANCE 5% discount (see in the footer)
* Combine it with the 1 day cruise and pay a special price for the package. Click and see our offer
* At Olympia upgrade your 3 star hotel to the 4 star OLYMPIAN VILLAGE by paying 14.00 euro p.p. extra

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Visit Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae, Olympia & Delphi

The priests of the sanctuary of god Asclepius were excellent surgeons. On the ground of the sanctuary, the administration of the Asclipieion, in order to entertain the patients, decided to build a theatre. Today, next to the sanctuary of Asclepius, there is a small museum, displaying the instruments and tools used by the priests, excellent surgeons, to perform even brain operations.

NAFPLION – the “Venice” of Greece

Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplion, which is a feast for the eye. Nafplion was the capital of the Greek state in the early 1830s. Here, is the first residential palace for the young Bavarian Prince, Otto, the first king of the new country after the revolution against the Turks. The old town is beautiful, with old mansions and paved roads. The town’s fortresses, the Palamidi and the Akronafplia, played a key role during the war of independence. The Venetian influence is everywhere justifying the town’s name as the “Greek Venice”.

MYCENAE – “City in gold”
Mycenae, the city that controlled both the land and sea routes, was the kingdom of mythic Agamemnon. Myths related to history have inspired poets and writers over the centuries from Homer and the Greek tragedies of the classical period to contemporary literary and artistic creations. The site was uncovered in 1874 by Heinrich Schlieman, who also excavated the site of Troy. You enter the citadel through the impressive Lions’ Gate.

The site of Olympia, was the location of the ancient Olympic Games, with the first recorded win in 776 BC. In addition to the numerous temples and sanctuaries, there are remains of sporting structures, such as the ancient Olympic stadium, the Gymnasium, the Palaestra and others. See the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the altar of the Olympic flame, the seven echo stoa and the archaeological Museum where between the other exhibits you will see the statue of Nike and the beautiful Hermes of Praxiteles.

DELPHI – The famous “temple bank”.
The pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, location on the oracle of Apollo, was the spiritual centre of the Greek world. Situated in a spectacular natural setting on the mountain of Parnassus, it was the symbol of Greek cultural unity from the 8th century BC onwards.


Short photo stop at Corinth canal
Visit the sanctuary of Asclepius and the Epidaurus Theatre
Visit the Mycenae Archaeological site & Tomb of Atreus
Visit the Olympia Archaeological site & Museum
Visit the Delphi Archaeological site & Museum
Short stop at Nafplion town

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