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1-Day Tour to Delphi & Arachova
Take a tour of Delphi and learn why the site, dedicated to Apollo, became the most important oracle in the classical Greek world. Follow the sacred path, to the Athenian Treasury, visit the Temple of Apollo, where the Pythia, predicted the future, the stadium, where the Pythian Games, took place, etc.
Continue the tour into the archaeological museum, filled with gold, bronze, and ivory statues…
Price: 59.00 € + the applicable entrance fees.

One day tour to Classical Mycenae & Epidaurus (Argolis)
Attractions such as the fortress at Mycenae, The beehive tomb of King Atreus, the amazing for its acoustics theatre of Epidaurus, and the elegant city of Nafplio, draw huge crowds of people to the area of Argolis. Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplion, which is a feast for the eye. The Venetian influence is everywhere justifying the town’s name as the “Greek Venice”. The old town is beautiful, with old mansions and paved roads. The town’s fortresses, the Palamidi and the Acronafplia played a key role during the war of independence. It was the capital of the Greek state in the early 1830s. Here, is the first residential place for the young Bavarian Prince, Otto the first king of the new country after the revolution against the Turks…

Ancient Corinth is the city where Paul lived, worked, and preached for 18 months (51 A.D.)
Driving South of Athens, we arrive at the Corinth Canal, the isthmus that divides the mainland of Greece and separates the ” island of Pelops” from the rest of Greece. Proceed to Ancient Corinth, see the Bema where Paul was taken in front of the Roman governor and accused and judged…

2 Day Tour to Meteora with a short stop in Delphi
Depart from Athens. Drive to DELPHI, known in ancient times as the navel of the world. After lunch drive to Kalampaka, the town below the Meteora sandstone rocks, enjoying a unique and impressive scenery of ageless monasteries built at the tops of the rocks…

2 Days Tour, Mycenae, Epidaurus and overnight in Nafplion
Visit the Canal of Corinth, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, the citadel of Mycenae and spend one night in Nafplion, the first capital of modern, and one of the most beautiful Greek cities. Free time to explore the beautiful city…

3 Days Tour to Delphi & Meteora.
Visit the archaeological museum and the ancient site, spend one night in Delphi, and on the second day proceed to Kalampaka. Visit the famous monasteries of Meteora. Delphi and Meteora – two of the most iconic sites in Greece.

3 Days “explore Meteora” tour. Delphi + Meteora tour.
On the first day on the way to Kalampaka stop in Delphi. Proceed to Kalampaka and spend two full days and nights.
In the 2 full days, you have plenty of time to explore the monasteries and the town of Kalampaka…
Price: From 160.00 euro, per person

3 Days Classical Tour of Greece
Visit Mycenae-Epidaurus-Nafplion-Olympia-Delphi the most important archaeological sites of the Classical Greece period. Greece’s history will unfold before you through the centuries during these 3 days. Prehistory, the Classical Period, the Roman domination, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusaders, and modern time…

4 Days Classical Tour of Greece with Meteora
Visit the same places with the tour above and extend it a day to visit Meteora. Step back in time on this 4-day Classical Greece tour, seeing all the top attractions that date back to the glory that was called Greece…

Classical 5 Day Tour of Northern Greece & Macedonia
You explore Makedonia, the birthplace of Great Alexander. Make a unique journey through 7000 years of Greek history. Visit Delphi, Meteora, and admire the gigantic figure of Mt Olympus…..

Classical 7 Day Grand Tour of Greece
Start with the Theatre of Epidaurus, the ruins of Ancient Mycenae, Beautiful Nafplio town, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, the Meteora Monasteries, Ancient Dion and Mt Olympus, the Macedonian King Philip’s Tomb in Vergina …

One Day Cruise to Hydra, Aegina, & Poros
Sail for the Island of Hydra, cruise and visit the pretty island of Poros and explore the island of Aegina. Enjoy the Greek music and folk dancing show. Allow yourself the luxury of a cruise. A pleasant break during your visit to Greece.

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